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Kick That Weight To The Curb

Feeling in control, confident, and attractive is something every woman deserves. And no matter how you look on the outside, it's all about how you feel on the inside.

I partner with my weight loss clients as together, we focus on nutrition, movement, and also the mindset, building self confidence, improving self esteem and helping you feel more in control of your choices. We also focus on sleep, mood, stress and how to find lightness and balance.

In our coaching, you will enjoy getting to the bottom of your emotional eating, stress eating, and your binge eating. You will learn to understand why you turn to food for comfort. You will begin to clearly see the impact of your negative self-talk and start to break down the beliefs holding you back from reaching your goals.

Are you ready to:

  • Uncover what is at the very root of your hunger and how your weight is actually serving you.

  • Discover the limiting beliefs that are controlling your life and adopt new empowering beliefs by which to live and eat.

  • Learn how to handle difficult emotions and receive the wisdom of their message.

  • Discover new perspectives and ways of operating in this world.

  • Explore your heart’s desire and begin to create a richer life.

  • Envision and feel yourself being as you aspire to be.

  • Learn a refreshing strategy of eating to ensure Mother Nature’s cooperation in losing fat.

  • Eat purposefully and mindfully, with choice, satisfaction and pleasure; the way you want to live!

My one-on-one coaching will guide you with lifestyle changes that you can easily integrate into your hectic schedule. I am so excited to work with you through my weight loss programs. You are meant for transformation - and I can't wait to help get you there!

What you get: · 12 Coaching Sessions (one a week for 12 weeks) ​· 60-minutes each, either by phone, zoom or in-person · Email support between sessions · Handouts specific to your needs and goals · Accountability and Guidance

Cost: $600 (Afterpay available)

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