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At New Leaf Advanced 3D Body Scans we strive to assist your weight management journey with accuracy, accountability, accessibility, and most importantly, ethical advice. Health is complex, but understanding your weight shouldn’t be.  New Leaf is a unique weight management education service providing medical grade body composition & metabolic analysis like Body Fat Percentage, BMR, and much more using advanced 3D technology.

Not everyone has access to a doctor, trainer, gym, clinic, or nutritionist.  With New Leaf, we've removed the barriers to getting a professional health evaluation by providing data with ease of access. Come learn the fundamentals of weight and visualize your progress with New Leaf Health & Life.

We are creatures of habit.  Studies show that 45% to 95% of our behavior occurs out of habit or unconsciously or in reaction to external demands.  Since we are creature's of habit, then it follows that if you can change someone's habits, then you are changing the very thing that determines their health and quality of life.  More simply said, if you change a habit, you can change a life. 

Most coaches or fitness programs teach change at the level of action...if you do something different, or if you just stop it, that stops the behavior.  But the action originated at the level of belief.  So, if the belief isn't changed, the action doesn't change, therefore the change can't be sustained.  With New Leaf we work on  changing your beliefs which creates lasting habit change. 

Body Composition

DEXA Quality Body Fat Percentage Plus Much More

Progress Tracking

Before & Afters in 3D With In-depth Analytics

Video //

3D Body Scan Overview


Deep Analysis of Your Unique Caloric Expenditure Including BMR

Automated Reports

Digital Copy Sent After Every Scan For Your Records

Post Scan Consultation

Results Reviewed And Explained By A Health Expert

  • 3D Viewer
  • Non-Invasive
  • Hands Free
  • Private
  • Dexa Quality
  • Over 30 Biometrics
  • No Dietary Restrictions
  • Less Than 60s
  • Digital Tape Measure
  • Backed by Science
  • 99% Measurement Reliability
New Leaf Has The Technology With Your Safety In Mind//